Flexbackup On Debian

Linux - Tux Following on from my earlier post, I had a problem getting my tape backup working with the latest stable release of Debian on the new backup server.  I use flexbackup to run my tape backup and on the older Debian installation, flexbackup would correctly set the block size of the tape and run the backup.  On the latest installation, running flexbackup gave an error message running the following commands:

mt -f /dev/nst0 setblk 0

mt -f /dev/nst0 defblksize 0

Running the commands manually gave the response

mt: invalid argument `setblk’ for `tape operation’

A little research uncovered the fact that installing the mt-st package (apt-get install mt-st) fixed the problem and should be installed alongside flexbackup for proper operation on later Debian installations.

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